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 Name:Aston Villa
 Complete name:Aston Villa Football Club
 Country: England
 Address:Villa Park
Trinity Road
B6 6HE Birmingham
 Telephone:01 21 / 3 27 22 99
 Fax:01 21 / 3 22 21 07
 Nickname:The Villans
 Stadium:Villa Park

 Manager history

  Team Statistics
 MatchesWDLW o.p.L result
 Club Internationals
 Intercontinental Cup1001000
 Champions League15933000
 Europa League50211216100
 Europa League Qual.6222000
 Club Nationals
 England » Premier League4032163996014330038
 England » FA Cup196973463110
 England » League Cup102551530200
 England » FA Community Shield4013000

  FA Cup
 MatchesWDLW o.p.L result
  Aston Villa2014/20156501000
  Aston Villa2013/20141001000
  Aston Villa2012/20132101000
  Aston Villa2011/20122101000
  Aston Villa2010/20113201000
  Aston Villa2009/20106411000
  Aston Villa2008/20094211000
  Aston Villa2007/20081001000
  Aston Villa2006/20071001000
  Aston Villa2005/20064211000
  Aston Villa2004/20051001000
  Aston Villa2003/20041001000
  Aston Villa2002/20031001000
  Aston Villa2001/20021001000
  Aston Villa2000/20013111000
  Aston Villa1999/20006401100
  Aston Villa1998/19992101000
  Aston Villa1997/19984211000
  Aston Villa1996/19973111000
  Aston Villa1995/19965401000
  Aston Villa1994/19952101000
  Aston Villa1993/19943201000
  Aston Villa1992/19934120010
  Aston Villa1991/19925311000
  Aston Villa1990/19912011000
  Aston Villa1989/19905311000
  Aston Villa1988/19892101000
  Aston Villa1987/19882101000
  Aston Villa1986/19872011000
  Aston Villa1985/19864121000
  Aston Villa1984/19851001000
  Aston Villa1983/19842011000
  Aston Villa1982/19834301000
  Aston Villa1981/19821001000
  Aston Villa1979/19803111000
  Aston Villa1976/19773201000
  Aston Villa1968/19693111000
  Aston Villa1961/19622101000
  Aston Villa1959/19603201000
  Aston Villa1958/19593111000
  Aston Villa1956/19576420000
  Aston Villa1952/19534211000
  Aston Villa1945/19462011000
  Aston Villa1937/19385221000
  Aston Villa1933/19342101000
  Aston Villa1929/19301001000
  Aston Villa1928/19292101000
  Aston Villa1927/19282101000
  Aston Villa1925/19262011000
  Aston Villa1923/19243201000
  Aston Villa1921/19222011000
  Aston Villa1920/19211001000
  Aston Villa1919/19203300000
  Aston Villa1913/19143201000
  Aston Villa1912/19134400000
  Aston Villa1910/19111001000
  Aston Villa1909/19101001000
  Aston Villa1907/19081001000
  Aston Villa1906/19071001000
  Aston Villa1905/19063111000
  Aston Villa1904/19056510000
  Aston Villa1903/19042101000
  Aston Villa1902/19034301000
  Aston Villa1901/19022011000
  Aston Villa1900/19016231000
  Aston Villa1896/18975320000
  Aston Villa1894/18954400000
  Aston Villa1893/18941001000
  Aston Villa1891/18922101000
  Aston Villa1889/18901001000
  Aston Villa1886/18871100000

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