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 1.  Steinitz, Wilhelm (USA)18888.6489048037.8124.04429.842
 2.  Mackenzie, George Henry (USA)18884.2027940830.5016.05826.601
 3.  Tarrasch, Siegbert (GER)18882.7621970221.2385.73921.991
 4.  Caro, Horatio (ENG)18882.6533541722.0432.80417.248
 5.  Hülsen, Bernhard (GER)18881.9157310718.8872.88514.851
 6.  Mieses, Jacques (ENG)18881.7217857817.8753.06015.770
 7.  Paulsen, Wilfried (GER)18880.542035228.4693.7499.798
 8.  Charlick, Henry (AUS)18880.498119897.5204.34613.568
 9.  Crane, William (AUS)18880.376668755.7603.2109.000
 10.  Golmayo Zupide, Celso F. (CUB)18880.223952613.4333.6159.700
 11.  Tullidge, William (AUS)18880.136464042.9483.8268.738

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