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21.04.2007Chicago Bulls:Miami Heat96:91 info
21.04.2007Detroit Pistons:Orlando Magic100:92 info
21.04.2007Toronto Raptors:New Jersey Nets91:96 info
21.04.2007Houston Rockets:Utah Jazz84:75 info
22.04.2007Dallas Mavericks:Golden State Warriors85:97 info
22.04.2007Phoenix Suns:Los Angeles Lakers95:87 info
22.04.2007San Antonio Spurs:Denver Nuggets89:95 info
22.04.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:Washington Wizards97:82 info
23.04.2007Detroit Pistons:Orlando Magic98:90 info
23.04.2007Houston Rockets:Utah Jazz98:90 info
24.04.2007Phoenix Suns:Los Angeles Lakers126:98 info
24.04.2007Chicago Bulls:Miami Heat107:89 info
24.04.2007Toronto Raptors:New Jersey Nets89:83 info
25.04.2007San Antonio Spurs:Denver Nuggets97:88 info
25.04.2007Dallas Mavericks:Golden State Warriors112:99 info
25.04.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:Washington Wizards109:102 info
26.04.2007Utah Jazz:Houston Rockets81:67 info
26.04.2007Orlando Magic:Detroit Pistons77:93 info
26.04.2007Los Angeles Lakers:Phoenix Suns95:89 info
27.04.2007Golden State Warriors:Dallas Mavericks109:91 info
27.04.2007Miami Heat:Chicago Bulls96:104 info
27.04.2007New Jersey Nets:Toronto Raptors102:89 info
28.04.2007Denver Nuggets:San Antonio Spurs91:96 info
28.04.2007Utah Jazz:Houston Rockets98:85 info
28.04.2007Orlando Magic:Detroit Pistons93:97 info
28.04.2007Washington Wizards:Cleveland Cavaliers92:98 info
29.04.2007Golden State Warriors:Dallas Mavericks103:99 info
29.04.2007Los Angeles Lakers:Phoenix Suns100:113 info
29.04.2007Miami Heat:Chicago Bulls79:92 info
29.04.2007New Jersey Nets:Toronto Raptors102:81 info
30.04.2007Denver Nuggets:San Antonio Spurs89:96 info
30.04.2007Houston Rockets:Utah Jazz96:92 info
30.04.2007Washington Wizards:Cleveland Cavaliers90:97 info
01.05.2007Dallas Mavericks:Golden State Warriors118:112 info
01.05.2007Toronto Raptors:New Jersey Nets98:96 info
02.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Denver Nuggets93:78 info
02.05.2007Phoenix Suns:Los Angeles Lakers119:110 info
03.05.2007Golden State Warriors:Dallas Mavericks111:86 info
03.05.2007Utah Jazz:Houston Rockets94:82 info
04.05.2007New Jersey Nets:Toronto Raptors98:97 info
05.05.2007Detroit Pistons:Chicago Bulls95:69 info
05.05.2007Houston Rockets:Utah Jazz99:103 info
06.05.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:New Jersey Nets81:77 info
06.05.2007Phoenix Suns:San Antonio Spurs106:111 info
07.05.2007Detroit Pistons:Chicago Bulls108:87 info
07.05.2007Utah Jazz:Golden State Warriors116:112 info
08.05.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:New Jersey Nets102:92 info
08.05.2007Phoenix Suns:San Antonio Spurs101:81 info
09.05.2007Utah Jazz:Golden State Warriors127:117 info
10.05.2007Chicago Bulls:Detroit Pistons74:81 info
11.05.2007Golden State Warriors:Utah Jazz125:105 info
12.05.2007New Jersey Nets:Cleveland Cavaliers96:85 info
12.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Phoenix Suns108:101 info
13.05.2007Chicago Bulls:Detroit Pistons102:87 info
13.05.2007Golden State Warriors:Utah Jazz101:115 info
14.05.2007New Jersey Nets:Cleveland Cavaliers85:87 info
14.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Phoenix Suns98:104 info
15.05.2007Detroit Pistons:Chicago Bulls92:108 info
15.05.2007Utah Jazz:Golden State Warriors100:87 info
16.05.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:New Jersey Nets72:83 info
16.05.2007Phoenix Suns:San Antonio Spurs85:88 info
17.05.2007Chicago Bulls:Detroit Pistons85:95 info
18.05.2007New Jersey Nets:Cleveland Cavaliers72:88 info
18.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Phoenix Suns114:106 info
20.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Utah Jazz108:100 info
21.05.2007Detroit Pistons:Cleveland Cavaliers79:76 info
22.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Utah Jazz105:96 info
24.05.2007Detroit Pistons:Cleveland Cavaliers79:76 info
26.05.2007Utah Jazz:San Antonio Spurs109:83 info
27.05.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:Detroit Pistons88:82 info
28.05.2007Utah Jazz:San Antonio Spurs79:91 info
29.05.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:Detroit Pistons91:87 info
30.05.2007San Antonio Spurs:Utah Jazz109:84 info
31.05.2007Detroit Pistons:Cleveland Cavaliers107:109 info
02.06.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:Detroit Pistons98:82 info
07.06.2007San Antonio Spurs:Cleveland Cavaliers85:76 info
10.06.2007San Antonio Spurs:Cleveland Cavaliers103:92 info
12.06.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:San Antonio Spurs72:75 info
14.06.2007Cleveland Cavaliers:San Antonio Spurs82:83 info

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