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Active Franchises (NBA)
Atlanta Hawks1947-2007
Tri-Cities Blackhawks1947-1951
Milwaukee Hawks1952-1955
Saint Louis Hawks1956-1968
Atlanta Hawks1969-2007
Boston Celtics1947-2007
Charlotte Bobcats2005-2007
Chicago Bulls1967-2007
Cleveland Cavaliers1971-2007
Dallas Mavericks1981-2007
Denver Nuggets1968-2007
Denver Rockets1968-1974
Denver Nuggets1975-2007
Detroit Pistons1942-2007
Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons1942-1948
Fort Wayne Pistons1949-1957
Detroit Pistons1958-2007
Golden State Warriors1947-2007
Philadelphia Warriors1947-1962
San Francisco Warriors1963-1971
Golden State Warriors1972-2007
Houston Rockets1968-2007
San Diego Rockets1968-1971
Houston Rockets1972-2007
Indiana Pacers1968-2007
Los Angeles Clippers1971-2007
Buffalo Braves1971-1978
San Diego Clippers1979-1984
Los Angeles Clippers1985-2007
Los Angeles Lakers1947-2007
Detroit Gems1947-1947
Minneapolis Lakers1948-1960
Los Angeles Lakers1961-2007
Memphis Grizzlies1996-2007
Vancouver Grizzlies1996-2001
Memphis Grizzlies2002-2007
Miami Heat1989-2007
Milwaukee Bucks1969-2007
Minnesota Timberwolves1990-2007
New Jersey Nets1968-2007
New Jersey Americans1968-1968
New York Nets1969-1977
New Jersey Nets1978-2007
NO/Oklahoma City Hornets1989-2007
Charlotte Hornets1989-2002
New Orleans Hornets2003-2005
NO/Oklahoma City Hornets2006-2007
New York Knickerbockers1947-2007
Orlando Magic1990-2007
Philadelphia 76ers1950-2007
Syracuse Nationals1947-1963
Philadelphia 76ers1964-2007
Phoenix Suns1969-2007
Portland Trail Blazers1971-2007
Sacramento Kings1946-2007
Rochester Royals1946-1957
Cincinnati Royals1958-1972
Kansas City-Omaha Kings1973-1975
Kansas City Kings1976-1985
Sacramento Kings1986-2007
San Antonio Spurs1968-2007
Dallas Chaparrals1968-1970
Texas Chaparrals1971-1971
Dallas Chaparrals1972-1973
San Antonio Spurs1974-2007
Seattle Supersonics1968-2007
Toronto Raptors1996-2007
Utah Jazz1975-2007
New Orleans Jazz1975-1979
Utah Jazz1980-2007
Washington Wizards1962-2007
Chicago Packers1962-1962
Chicago Zephyrs1963-1963
Baltimore Bullets1964-1973
Capitol Bullets1974-1974
Washington Bullets1975-1997
Washington Wizards1998-2007
Defunct Franchises (NBA)
Anderson Duffey Packers1947-1950
Baltimore Bullets1948-1954
Chicago Stags1947-1950
Denver Nuggets1949-1950
Indianapolis Olympians1950-1953
Saint Louis Bombers1947-1950
Sheboygan Redskins1939-1950
Washington Capitols1947-1951
Waterloo Hawks1949-1950
Defunct Franchises (ABA)
The Floridians1968-1972
Minnesota Muskies1968-1968
Miami Floridians1969-1970
The Floridians1971-1972
Kentucky Colonels1968-1976
Memphis Sounds1968-1975
New Orleans Buccaneers1968-1970
Memphis Pros1971-1972
Memphis Tams1973-1974
Memphis Sounds1975-1975
Pittsburgh Condors1968-1972
Pittsburgh Pipers1968-1968
Minnesota Pipers1969-1969
Pittsburgh Pipers1970-1970
Pittsburgh Condors1971-1972
San Diego Sails1973-1976
San Diego Conquistadors1973-1975
San Diego Sails1976-1976
Spirits of Saint Louis1968-1976
Houston Mavericks1968-1969
Carolina Cougars1970-1974
Spirits of Saint Louis1975-1976
Utah Stars1968-1976
Anaheim Amigos1968-1968
Los Angeles Stars1969-1970
Utah Stars1971-1976
Virginia Squires1968-1976
Oakland Oaks1968-1969
Washington Capitols1970-1970
Virginia Squires1971-1976
Defunct Franchises (BAA)
Cleveland Rebels1947-1947
Detroit Falcons1947-1947
Indianapolis Jets1938-1949
Indianapolis Kautskys1938-1948
Indianapolis Jets1949-1949
Pittsburgh Ironmen1947-1947
Providence Steamrollers1947-1949
Toronto Huskies1947-1947
Defunct Franchises (NBL)
Akron Firestone Non-Skids1938-1941
Akron Goodyear Wingfoots1938-1942
Buffalo Bisons1938-1938
Chicago American Gears1945-1947
Chicago Studebaker Flyers1940-1943
Chicago Bruins1940-1942
Chicago Studebaker Flyers1943-1943
Cincinnati Comellos1938-1938
Cleveland Allmen Transfers1944-1946
Cleveland Chase Brass1944-1944
Cleveland Allmen Transfers1945-1946
Columbus Athletic Supply1938-1938
Dayton Rens1949-1949
Detroit Vagabond Kings1949-1949
Dayton Rens1949-1949
Detroit Eagles1938-1941
Warren Penns1938-1938
Cleveland White Horses1939-1939
Detroit Eagles1940-1941
Dayton Metros1938-1938
Flint Dow A. C. S1948-1948
Fort Wayne General Electrics1938-1938
Hammond Calumet Buccaneers1949-1949
Hammond Ciesar All-Americans1938-1941
Whiting Ciesar All-Americans1938-1938
Hammond Ciesar All-Americans1939-1941
Kankakee Gallagher Trojans1938-1938
Oshkosh All-Stars1938-1949
Pittsburgh Pirates1938-1939
Toledo Jeeps1947-1948
Toledo Jim White Chevrolets1942-1943
Youngstown Bears1945-1947
Pittsburgh Raiders1945-1945
Youngstown Bears1946-1947

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