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 Round 1
 Pick Team Player College
1.  Providence Steamrollers  Shannon, Howard  Kansas State University
2.  Indianapolis Olympians  Groza, Alex  University of Kentucky
3.  Fort Wayne Pistons  Harris, Robert  Oklahoma State University
4.  Boston Celtics  Lavelli, Tony  Yale University
5. T  Saint Louis Bombers  MacAuley, Ed  Saint Louis University
6.  Philadelphia Warriors  Gardner, Vern  University of Utah
7.  Baltimore Bullets  Livingstone, Ron  University of Wyoming
8.  New York Knickerbockers  McGuire, Dick  Saint John's University
9.  Washington Capitols  Jones, Wallace  University of Kentucky
10.  Chicago Stags  Kerris, Jack  Loyola University Chicago
11. T  Minneapolis Lakers  Mikkelsen, Vern  Hamline University
12.  Rochester Royals  Saul, Frank  Seton Hall University

 Round 2
 Pick Team Player College
 Boston Celtics  Kaftan, George  College of Holy Cross
 Chicago Stags  Beard, Ralph  University of Kentucky
 Fort Wayne Pistons  Oldham, John  Western Kentucky University
 Indianapolis Olympians  Barnhorst, Leo  Notre Dame University
 New York Knickerbockers  Donovan, Harry  Muhlenberg College
 Philadelphia Warriors  Nolan, James  Georgia Institute of Technology
 Rochester Royals  Coleman, Jack  University of Louisville
 Saint Louis Bombers  Orr, John  Beloit College
 Washington Capitols  Owens, Jim  Baylor University

 Round 3
 Pick Team Player College
 Baltimore Bullets  Gordon, Paul  Notre Dame University
 Boston Celtics  Mullaney, Joseph  College of Holy Cross
 Chicago Stags  Eddleman, Dwight  University of Illinois at Urbana...
 Fort Wayne Pistons  Schaus, Fred  West Virginia University
 Indianapolis Olympians  Otten, Mac  Bowling Green State University
 New York Knickerbockers  Vandeweghe, Ernie  Colgate University
 Philadelphia Warriors  Bobb, Nelson  Temple University
 Providence Steamrollers  Leede, Edward  Dartmouth University

 Round 4
 Pick Team Player College
 Fort Wayne Pistons  Nagel, Jerry  Loyola University Chicago
 Indianapolis Olympians  Evans, Robert  Butler University
 Providence Steamrollers  Perkins, Warren  Tulane University

 Round 5
 Pick Team Player College
 Providence Steamrollers  Corley, Ray  Georgetown University
 Saint Louis Bombers  Dodd, Earl  Truman State University
 Washington Capitols  Barker, Clifford  University of Kentucky

 Round 6
 Pick Team Player College
 Indianapolis Olympians  Boven, Don  Western Michigan University

 Round 7
 Pick Team Player College
 Saint Louis Bombers  Pritchard, John  Drake University

 Round 8
 Pick Team Player College
 Boston Celtics  Klueh, Duane  Indiana State University
 Providence Steamrollers  Royer, Robert  Indiana State University

 Other Picks
 Pick Team Player College
 Baltimore Bullets  Evans, Bill  Drake University
 Baltimore Bullets  Gallagher, Tom  St. Francis College
 Baltimore Bullets  McMullen, Jim  Xavier University
 Baltimore Bullets  Rixey, Eppa  Kenyon College
 Baltimore Bullets  Wiley, Roger  University of Oregon
 Baltimore Bullets  Zipple, Bill  Lafayette College
 Boston Celtics  Little, Ed  Denver Junior College
 Boston Celtics  Simpson, Jim  Bates College
 Boston Celtics  Speicher, Emerson  Bowling Green State University
 Boston Celtics  Tom, Bill  Rice University
 Boston Celtics  Vandenburgh, Bill  University of Washington
 Boston Celtics  Washburn, Russ  Colby College
 Boston Celtics  Weight, Bill  Brigham Young University
 Fort Wayne Pistons  Zuber, Dal  University of Toledo
 Indianapolis Olympians  Maas, Charlie  Butler University
 Indianapolis Olympians  o'Halloran, Jim  Notre Dame University
 Indianapolis Olympians  Parks, J. L.  Oklahoma State University
 Minneapolis Lakers  Harrison, Robert  University of Michigan
 Minneapolis Lakers  Walther, Paul  University of Tennessee
 New York Knickerbockers  Bagley, Don  Notre Dame University
 New York Knickerbockers  Kearns, Ken  University of Arkansas
 New York Knickerbockers  Kleine, Bill  Missouri Valley College
 New York Knickerbockers  Litchfield, Bill  Emporia State University
 New York Knickerbockers  Prewitt, Bob  Southern Methodist University
 Providence Steamrollers  Courty, Paul  University of Oklahoma
 Providence Steamrollers  Schaeffer, Carl  University of Alabama
 Providence Steamrollers  Tanzler, Bill  University of Florida
 Providence Steamrollers  Theolan, Jack  DePaul University
 Saint Louis Bombers  Crandall, Joe  Oregon State University
 Saint Louis Bombers  Davidson, Jack  Stanford University
 Saint Louis Bombers  Retherford, Bob  University of Nebraska
 Saint Louis Bombers  Schatzman, Marvin  Saint Louis University
 Saint Louis Bombers  Van, Eddie  Northwestern Oklahoma State Univ...
 Saint Louis Bombers  Ward, Preston  Southwest Missouri State Univers...
 Washington Capitols  Haitcock, Maynard  George Washington University
 Washington Capitols  Lacy, Jim  Loyola College in Maryland

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