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 Round 1
 Pick Team Player College
 Indiana Pacers  Roundfield, Dan  Central Michigan University
 Kentucky Colonels  Baker, Jimmie  University of Hawaii
 Memphis Sounds  Shelton, Lonnie  Oregon State University
 New York Nets  Lucas, John H. jr.  University of Maryland
 San Antonio Spurs  Olberding, Mark  University of Minnesota
 San Diego Sails  Grevey, Kevin  University of Kentucky
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Williams, Gus  University of Southern California
 Utah Stars  Green, Steve  Indiana University
 Virginia Squires  Thompson, David  North Carolina State University
 Virginia Squires  Bennett, Mel  University of Pittsburgh

 Round 2
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Willoughby, Bill  Dwight Morrow H.S. Englewood NJ
 Indiana Pacers  Jordan, Charles  Canisius College
 Indiana Pacers  Lee, Jim  Syracuse
 Memphis Sounds  Kelley, Rich  Stanford University
 New York Nets  Bucci, George  Manhattan College
 San Antonio Spurs  Suttle, Rick  Kansas
 San Diego Sails  Cash, Cornelius  Bowling Green State University
 Spirits of Saint Louis  White, Rudy  Arizona State University
 Utah Stars  Cook, Norman  Kansas
 Virginia Squires  Conner, Jimmy Dan  University of Kentucky

 Round 3
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Kropp, Tom  University of Nebraska at Kearney
 Denver Nuggets  Towe, Monte  North Carolina State University
 Indiana Pacers  Tyler, Ken  Gonzaga
 Kentucky Colonels  Murphy, Allen  University of Louisville
 Kentucky Colonels  Fernsten, Eric  University of San Francisco
 Memphis Sounds  Haigier, Ron  Pennsylvania
 New York Nets  Douglas, Leon  University of Alabama
 San Antonio Spurs  Taylor, Billy  LaSalle
 San Diego Sails  Gross, Bob  California State University, Lon...
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Hackett, Rudy  Syracuse University

 Round 4
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Fleischer, Bob  Duke
 Indiana Pacers  Hammel, Brian  Bentley
 Kentucky Colonels  Laskowski, John  Indiana University
 Memphis Sounds  Hansen, Glenn  Louisiana State University
 New York Nets  Guyette, Bob  Kentucky
 San Antonio Spurs  Smith, Ken  University of Tulsa
 San Diego Sails  Trgovich, Pete  UCLA
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Roy, Tom  Maryland
 Virginia Squires  Burden, Ticky  Utah
 Virginia Squires  Leonard, Fessor  Furman

 Round 5
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Moore, Jim  Utah State
 Indiana Pacers  Ramsey, John  Seton Hall
 Kentucky Colonels  Cleveland, Charles  Alabama
 Memphis Sounds  Luckett, Walter  Ohio U.
 New York Nets  Brown, Darryl  Fordham
 San Antonio Spurs  Parish, Robert  Centenary College of Louisiana
 San Diego Sails  Burrell, Biff  Southern California
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Fogle, Larry  Canisius College
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Kupec, C. J.  University of Michigan
 Virginia Squires  Jones, Rich  Virginia Commonwealth

 Round 6
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Russell, Charles  Alabama
 Indiana Pacers  Flynn, Mike  University of Kentucky
 Kentucky Colonels  Rozenski, Mike  St. Mary's (CA)
 Memphis Sounds  Furlow, Terry  Michigan State University
 New York Nets  Mitchell, Mike  Auburn University
 San Antonio Spurs  Forrest, Bayard  Grand Canyon University
 San Diego Sails  Dunbar, Louis  Houston
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Jones, Al  San Diego
 Utah Stars  Johnson, Otis  Stetson
 Virginia Squires  Johnson, Fletcher  Randolph

 Round 7
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Odems, Mike  Western Kentucky
 Indiana Pacers  Pratt, Cliff  Shaw
 Kentucky Colonels  Meister, Randy  Penn State
 Memphis Sounds  Whitlow, Rich  Illinois State
 New York Nets  Croft, Wayne  Clemson
 San Antonio Spurs  Ward, Henry  Jackson State University
 San Diego Sails  Anderson, Jerome  West Virginia University
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Spruill, Al  North Carolina A&T
 Utah Stars  van Blommesteyn, Tim  Princeton
 Virginia Squires  Bunton, Bill  Louisville

 Round 8
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Brown, Owen  Maryland
 Indiana Pacers  Andreas, Bill  Ohio State
 Kentucky Colonels  Silver, Lou  Harvard
 Memphis Sounds  Murphy, John  Massachusetts
 New York Nets  Lambert, John  University of Southern California
 San Antonio Spurs  Tomaszewski, Gary  St. Mary's (TX)
 San Diego Sails  Coleman, Mack  Houston Baptist
 Spirits of Saint Louis  Hathaway, Ted  Cleveland State
 Utah Stars  Bruce, Kirk  Pittsburgh
 Virginia Squires  Coleman, Ricky  Jacksonville

 Bonus Choice
 Pick Team Player College
 Denver Nuggets  Webster, Marvin  Morgan State University

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