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Batters Stats
G Games Played
AB At Bats
RS Runs Scored
H Hits
TB Total Bases = S + 2xD + 3xT + 4xHR
S Singles
D Doubles
T Triples
HR Home Runs
RBI Runs Batted In
AVG Batting Average = H/AB
OBP On-base Percentage = (H + BB + HBP)/(AB + BB + HBP)
SLG Slugging Percentage = (S + 2xD + 3xT + 4xHR)/AB = TB/AB
TPA Total Plate Appearances = AB + BB + HBP + SH + SF
BB Bases on Balls (Walks)
SO Strikeouts
IBB Intentional Bases on Balls (Walks)
HBP Hit by Pitch
SH Sacrifice Hits
SF Sacrifice Flies
SB Stolen Bases
CS Caught Stealing
GDP Ground into Double Plays
Bat R-right handed, L-left handed, S-switch hitter
Thr throws (R,L)
LOB Runners Left On Base
SHO Times Team Shutout
Fielding Stats
G Games Played
PO Putouts
Ast Assists
Err Errors
DP Double Plays
PB Passed Balls (catchers only)
TC Total Chances (PO+AST+ERR)
Range range (PO+AST)/G
TC/G Total Chances Per Game (PO+AST+ERR)/G
FA Fielding Average (PO+AST)/(PO+AST+ERR)
FLD Fielding Percentage (PO+AST)/(PO+AST+ERR)
TP Triple Plays
Pos Positions Played (c - Catcher, 1b - First Baseman, 2b - Second Baseman, 3b - Third Baseman, s - Shortstop, o - Outfield, dh - Designated Hitter, ph - Pinch-hitter only, pr - Pinch-runner only)
Pitching Stats
G Games Played
GS Games Started
CG Complete Games
SHO Shutouts
GF Games Finished
SV Saves
W Wins
L Losses
ERA Earned Run Average
IP Innings Pitched
BFP Batters Faced Pitcher
H Opponents Hits
AB Opponents At Bats
R Runs Allowed
RA Relief Appearances
RS Opponents Runs Scored
ER Opponents Earned Runs
HR Opponents Home Runs Allowed
BB Opponents Bases on Balls (Walks)
SO Opponents Strikeouts
IBB Opponents Intentional Bases on Balls (Walks)
HB Opponents Hit Batsmen Pitch
SH Opponents Sacrifice Hits
SF Opponents Sacrifice Flies
WP Wild Pitches
BK Balks
OBA On-base Against
AVG Opponents Batting Average
Thr throws (R-right handed,L-left handed)

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